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a little savings per day goes a long way

“We want to help everyone find therir Thrifty Rich goal to find financial security” Join us as we share our journey and lessons we learned with you   

Make Goals Reachable

Setting proper goals is an important step to improving your life. The basic foundation is to start with sold goals that you can achieve.

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Ideas to help you save

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The Power of $1

Every dollar you make requires hard work.  To make matters worse, every one of those dollars is reduced anywhere between 10-30% due to taxes.  Think about that, your cup of coffee that costs $4, really requires $4.4-5.20 of income.  Now add in how much that dollar is...

Your Journey begins here

One thing I learned that I want to share, if I had made a simple effort to save and understand the impact of that savings 15 years ago, I would have triple the amount saved today by simply making better small daily choices. Why do I share this?  Simple, it is never too late to start and when you understand the power you have to control your financial choices you become in control and open up doors you never thought possible. Once I understood my mistakes, I changed, not by becoming a cheap skate, but more by understanding my choices and how they compound over time.  As I changed my opportunities changed, instead of every dollar going to something I spent, I slowly changed that to move more dollars to things that pay me back or spend them on the things that matter.  As I continue my Thrifty Rich journey more opportunities open up each day. We want to help you start your journey to becoming Thrifty Rich by giving you the tools you need to begin.  Find the ideas that inspire you, try them, and see what a difference they can make.  Remember, being Thrify Rich is a marathon that pays you back in years.   That is the hard part.  To get over that, just remember this, ask yourself where would you be today if you had changed five years ago, ten years ago.  Now, do you want to have the same results ten years from now? Being Thrifty Rich is achievable if you can make small daily choices that matter.   


Father and blogger, and just a someone trying to find a way to make money go further and sharing those ideas with others.  Becoming Thrifty Rich has changed my life, I want to change yours!

A Daily Cup Of Starbucks Coffee Costs $167,000

Is it worth it?

You Have the Power to Change your Financial life, can you take that next step?

What does it mean to be Thrifty Rich?  Thrifty Rich is not being cheap, it is not a strict budget, nor is it saving every penny,  it is simply knowing how the things you are spending about today impact you tomorrow.  The difference between what we want to achieve and what we actually achieve always comes down to the very small decisions we make each day.

Finances and More…

30 For 30 Rule

Here is a powerful concept.  $30 a day for 30 years will get you $1M.  Imagine that, $1M is not so far away when you break it down and add the power of time and compounding interest.

3 Starting Tips To Becoming Thrifty Rich

Set Goals and Find Pictures For Them

What inspires you?  A picture of your children, a vactation spot you want to go to, or maybe just a simple picture that brings you peace.  It does not matter what you choose, put something visual to your goals, display it somewhere you can see it every day to remind you what you are saving for.

Small Saving Ideas, Big Rewards

You will be surprised at all the places we waste money.  We all have friends and family that have terrific ways to save.  Each person can have a unique way that you can save, embrace the ideas and see if it works for you.  The key is to find the things that you can do.  Something as simple as giving up a cup of premium coffee a day can get you $5 per day.  Is your premium coffee worth $167,000?

Pay Yourself

The most important part of being Thrifty Rich is to pay yourself, in other words, take the money you save daily or weekly and move it to a savings or other account to set it aside for your more important goals.  This is your reward for the smart daily choices you make.

A Little Savings Goes a Long Way

Save $5 a day

30-Year Return $167,000

10-Years:$25,500 20-Years:$74,315 30-Years:$167,00

Save $10 A day

30-Year Return $334,379

10-Years:$51,154 20-Years:$148,631 30-Years:$334,379

Save $20 A day

30-Year Return $668,758

10-Years:$102,308 20-Years:$297,262 30-Years:$668,758

Save $30 A day

30-Year Return $1,003,136

10-Years:$153,462 20-Years:$445,892 30-Years:$1,003,136

How Much Can You Save?

Some Simple Ideas To Help You Begin Saving…..

Save a cup of coffee $5

A coffee a day can easily add up to more than $155 a month or $1,800+ a year.  Find days to either make coffee at home or skip it for something more healthy and log your savings!

Skip the soda $2

Skipping a soda as much as you can not only logs you $2 per day, but it is great for your health.  Add to your savings and lose weight!

Bring your lunch to work $5-10

We know, it is easier to buy the $10 lunch at your local restaurant, but this single habit can cost you thousands per year.  Figure out what you like, pre-make as much as you can and enjoy the savings.

Save on mortgage interest $20,000

One overlooked large savings can be achieved by simply sending an extra $50 per month to your mortgage payment.  Over the life of the loan this could save you more than $20,000 in interest and reduce the number of months you actually pay.

Negotiate a lower interest rate

A simple call to your credit card companies can save you hundreds in interest rate charges.  They typically have the power to lower you rates if you are in good standing.  Make the call and save.

Switch out incandescents $.50

Each incandescent cost just under a penny an hour to run, a more efficient light bulb cost 1/6 of that.  If you have 10 light bulbs running for 6 hours in a day your cost would be about $.50 vs. $.08 for modern bulbs.  May be small but over the year it adds up, especially when you have more than 6 bulbs or leave them on overnigh
Becoming Thrifty Rich has changed my mindset that has helped me understand how every dollar impacts my future.  This has helped me priotize spending in a way I never thought possible and something I want to share with everyone. - Brennon

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